Duck Calls



CNC Duck Calls     

  • The Owner

    Brad Eldridge is an avid outdoorsman and custom duck call maker from Northeast Louisiana. His passion for waterfowl has led him making the pursuit of them a career. If he's not in the blind, you can catch him spinning wood and slinging espresso in his new store in Downtown Vicksburg.

  • The Store

    The store is set in the historic district of Vicksburg, in an antebellum building that served as the first bank for freed slaves during the Reconstruction Era- Freedman's Savings Bank, 1865. Its hosts an espresso bar that uses top shelf beans, an array of lifestyle clothing and outdoor apparel, and a custom woodworking shop where Brad turns exotic wood into functioning art. You can also catch the store's mascot, Parish, on most days.

  • The Mascot

    Parish is a 100 pound black lab and the namesake of the company. He was rescued from the Terrebonne Parish animal shelter in 2020, and has been a phenomenal duck dog for Brad, a wonderful companion to his family, and quite the celebrity in the outdoor world, which he is completely oblivious to. He just knows two loves- Brad and retrieving his ducks.